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NextChem, a company owned by KT - Kinetics Technology, provides process services for the chemical, petrochemical, oleochemical & biofuels, oil & gas, environmental and sustainable energy industries, ranging from basic activities to high quality technical consulting services.
NextChem has a team of specialists ready to work in the development of next generation technologies, to offer new products to the market, to increase productivity and product quality, and to improve on the end results.

Why do you need to manage the development of a chemical process? Simple: it is the key to move from a conceptual/experimental stage to a proper structural scheme, the first step to turn your idea into a real business opportunity and determine the necessary investment and expected return.

To develop successful chemical processes, it’s necessary to adopt efficient strategies in two key areas: process development and project management.
A group of recognized international process specialists coupled with satellite engineering research and top university centers make NextChem your partner for developing and testing new processes, optimizing existing processes and for the overall management of projects.

Skills and Activities

NextChem is able to offer valid, up-to-date solutions in the form of a vast range of activities that make possible to support clients from the conceptual development phase through to pilot plants and industrial scale ups for all chemical, oleochemical & biofuels and oil & gas processes.

The company's core activities include not only feasibility studies and complete process design of new units, but also improvement or revamping of existing processes and plants. We can count on the research and development of new process methods, supported also by the construction of experimental plants. Financial assessment of chemical processes and cost estimates are also part of our scope of service.

Thanks to the high expertise in green technology, NextChem can provide the following services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Basic engineering packages
  • Front End Engineering Design
  • EP projects
  • EPC projects (directly or through KT)


Know-how and Technologies

The company also boasts experience in many different fields such as:

  • hydrogen and syngas production with special focus on new technologies which may also use hydrogen as an energy vector, as well as other refinery processes;
  • high temperature technologies (process furnaces, chemical reactors and incinerators) have been developed and improved; 
  • environmental engineering includes waste combustion, pyrolysis and gasification; 
  • carbon dioxide removal and re-use;
  • green chemicals, especially for processes related to downstream oleo chemicals, glycerol and algae;
  • 2nd generation biofuels;
  • bio-fuel production from algae, in which the company is deeply involved; 
  • solar energy application especially for CSP and other technologies; 
  • water desalinization using membrane and thermal methods. 

One of the main roles in process improvement is played by the catalyst; this is the reason why the catalyst development and testing is constantly followed in parallel.

Some of our projects completed on Oleochemical and Biofuel fields include:

  • Engineering to debottleneck and revamp oleochemical plants;
  • Upgrading of biodiesel plants;
  • Development of complete engineering packages for downstream oleochemical processes;
  • R&D and feasibility studies for new oleochemical and biofuel processes.
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