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KT selected as best contractor Rijeka Refinery Turnaround

Rijeka (Croazia), March 2019 - KT - Kinetics Technology has been, recently, selected as best contractor from INA at the Rijeka Refinery.

“The KT project team wins thanks to its exceptional co-operation and adaptability on the reconstruction of the furnace; they completed their tasks on time and in a safe manner” (INA).

In April 2018 KT has been awarded an EPC project, including the pre-commissioning and commissioning activities for Revamping of Heater Topping 3, dismantling of existing Waste Heat Boiler (WHB) and construction of a new Air Preheater (APH) system to be carried out at INA Rijeka Refinery general turnaround foreseen in 2019. Starting from January 2nd and within 75 days, KT has to complete several activities: installation of new equipment (including preparation of relevant foundations), dismantling and substitution of coils, piping and equipment, installation of new instruments and cables-up to upgrade of DCS&ESD hardware.

The critical aspect of the project execution is that Client is performing extensive works during the current general turn-around and several contractors are operating at the same time in the same area as well as in other different areas of INA Rijeka Refinery with several constrains and overlap of mutual activities.

This is a new success for KT, which has been achieved working in a challenging operational environment!